practice aerial yoga to feel more relaxed, focused, and energized

A joyful investment in your body,
mind and spirit.

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Aerial Den is a private sacred space that allows you to fully express yourself through the practice of aerial yoga. We serve a variety of classes uniquely suited to eachindividual or pair.

Couple's Aerial Yoga

By participating in an aerial class you will create intimacy with your partner through teamwork and communication foundations. Some would say, “even better than therapy.”

$ 45

BFF Aerial Yoga

Grab your Best Flying Friend (BFF) and come hang! BFF yoga focuses on flowing through poses to upbeat music with your bestie. Perfect pre-brunch activity!

$ 45

Why Aerial Yoga classes?

Aerial yoga is extremely fun and dangerously addicting. The most amazing part is that it is a healthy practice for your mind, body and soul. No shame in this addiction. We’ve listed just a few of the reasons why below:

alleviate pressure on your joints and nerves by “pulling” in the opposite direction of gravity

creates more range of motion, this allows for better circulation and more support for the muscles of the back and the spine

makes you laugh, (quite literally) lifts the mood and invites a playful state of being

men, women, children of all ages, experienced or not, flexible or not, aerial yoga is for you

NOTE: there are some exceptions, please check contraindications before booking

by being inverted, the strain on the heart is reduced allowing it to slow down and create a natural state of calm

the extra blood flow to the head promotes greater awareness and clarity

aerial yoga can be a little scary, but it encourages trust & allows you to let go

full body workout that increases core strength & balance by targeting every single muscle in just a 1hr class

by focusing on your strengths & positive qualities, you’ll radiate the same love & goodness to others

by setting an intention at the beginning of practice & pulling an affirmation card in the end

More Classes

where the mind & body are one

1:1 Private Aerial

“All about the student” class. In a private class you will learn aerial at your own pace, with focus on the body parts or poses of your choice.


Kid's Aerial

Aerial yoga is the new “daycare” for children. Allow your child to attend a safe & playful outside-classroom beneficial to their mind, body & soul.


Aerial Sculpt

“Gym class,” drop the weights and grab your silks for a full-body workout targeting every muscle. Yes, you will be sore!


Hi, I'm Michy Flores, your aerial yoga instructor

I strive for everyone to be able to try aerial yoga in an affordable manner. My goal is to make you comfortable by privatizing the environment and giving you the attention necessary to get you to fly!

What my students say


Most frequently asked questions and answers:

Aerial Den is located in Del Cerro in an outdoor attached private studio.

Nope! Come as you are.  Aerial yoga is for everybody!

Flexibility is not a requirement of aerial yoga. However, it does gradually improve it!

Depending on the severity of injury, you can discuss it privately with your instructor so that the class is modified to your ability.

If you have any of the following symptoms, we do not recommend you partake in an aerial class:




Untreated Hypertension

Recent Dental Surgery (within two weeks)

Recent Botox (within two weeks)

Recent Surgery – Neck, Hand, Shoulder (within two weeks)

Head Injury

Severe Arthritis


Hip Replacement




Herniated or slipped disks